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The Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset (ADEPT®) is an intelligent, automated, programmable electronic test tool designed to aid technical personnel in the maintenance, alignment, calibration, and error diagnosis of radar and other complex electronic systems.


  • Aids in the detection and troubleshooting of error and out-of-alignment conditions;
  • Collects and analyzes maintenance data;
  • Identifies performance and out-of-tolerance trends;
  • Improves system readiness and operational performance, and reduces equipment downtime; and,
  • Reduces manpower support requirements and life cycle supports costs through increased automation, dis­tance support, and interactive training.

ADEPT eliminates the need for traditional manuals, paper documentation and discrete test equipment, and eases the burden on electronic technicians by integrating the required test equipment functionality and au­tomating the testing processes. All operation and measurements are stored for after-action analysis, off-line training, and automatic data trending analysis for proactive remediation of potential error or out-of-tolerance conditions.
With additional distance support capabilities, ADEPT will allow remotely-located subject matter experts to perform preventive and corrective maintenance activities, potentially providing significant mainte­nance cost savings to the fleet.


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